Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I think we can add "- Finding out my brother has the West Nile Virus" to the list I posted yesterday. (more info on my brother in the future.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

What have I done in the past two weeks? Glad you asked.
-I met with Paula Kilpatrick about organizing and putting together Friend’s of Jesus club materials.
-Went to a cave with some friends and saw lots of bats. The bats even pooped on us a bit. I know that is gross but it was fun.
-Went to lunch with many ladies in the mission to celebrate Suzy Rodger’s birthday.
-Assisted with a volunteer team from America who came here to do a True Love Waits campaign.
-Ate supper and hung out with the Thompson’s the past two Saturdays. We even played dominoes!
-Taught the children at a Sunday night international Bible study held at the mission.
-I found out that my favorite baby at the House of Moses, Cecilia, is no longer there. Sad times.
-Taught the kiddies out at State Lodge. We are a little more than halfway through our stories. Today’s story was about Jesus and Nicodemus.
-I bought some really neat souvenir type things at a craft market. Two of my favorite purchases were a hand-made shirt from Zimbabwe and a wall hanging that has giraffes painted on it.
-I was told by one of the volunteers that came that sometimes my accent sounded British. I think what he was hearing was my Zambian accent coming out.
-Last week I purchased plane tickets for a vacation to Johannesburg, South Africa. I will be flying down July 3 with my supervisor and we will stay for a week. I can’t wait for July 3!
-Ate Mexican food at the Dickard’s…yummy!
-I was able to talk with many close friends and family on the phone
-I had a sense of “I live in Africa” awe come over me. I like it when that happens because it makes me really excited about being here and working here.

I am not sure if you can tell what this is. It is a picture of Chris exploring a hole in the cave. They were hoping it would lead to another part of the didn't.