Friday, March 17, 2006


So, I have a new addiction.

Over the years I have browsed through the millions of items for auction online but I have never seriously thought about buying anything....until about a month ago. A little bit ago I discovered that I needed a new computer cord for my laptop. Since my computer is three years old, it is considered obsolete by Dell standards and therefore they have quit making the cord for my computer. So what is a girl to do....that is right, Ebay to the rescue.
Well, I ordered the computer cord and it arrived at my home a few days later. I know that it is a used cord but it looks like it had been super-glued in one place because it is suspiciously shiny. So I sent an email to the seller informing them of my shiny cord and I never heard back from them. After a few weeks of no-answer I decided it was time to leave some feedback on the seller (For anyone who is new to ebay like I am, feedback is apparently something taken very seriously by the ebay community. It is their way of rating buyers and sellers and keeping track of sellers you can trust. And remember this was my first time to ever do this). So I give the transaction and seller a negative rating and listed that my reasoning for doing so was failure of the seller to answer my email.
The next afternoon I am sitting on my couch enjoying spring break and wasting time looking at blogs when my cell phone rings. It was a number I did not recognize and instead of screening it I decided to answer. When the voice on the other end started speaking I could almost hear the bottle-cap glasses and pocket protector. It was the seller of my computer cord. He was calling in response to the negative feedback I had left him the night before. He was telling me how he had sent me an email immediately after I had sent him one and blah, blah, blah. He even resent it to me while we were on the phone. Apparently the original one got lost in cyber-space. So after a painfully awkward phone call that lasted about ten minutes we decided to mutually withdraw the negative feedback....and now all is well. And I also learned that nerds love ebay.

So, back to the addiction. After finding my computer cord on there, I started looking up other items that I am in need of and am finding it difficult to find in stores (and finding them at a lower price!). Just yesterday I won something for the wedding from there that is at least $70 in stores. I was so happy that I found it on ebay and won it for half the retail price. And currently, I am keeping my eye on some pottery barn sheets that go with our new bedding that are being discontinued at pottery barn.
I think I like ebay because it combines two of my favorite things: shopping and sitting on the couch!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Tag!! You're It!!!!!

Since no one took the hint from Austin's post, I take it upon myself to TAG people in hopes of geting some response in filling out the survey. Austin was so proud of the questions that he made up himself, and he was also excited to see what the other responses (your responses) would be.
So, I am tagging the following people to answer the questions in the previous post:

1. The Bufkin's
2. The Michael Sanks family ( I do not know what the proper plural for "Sanks" is)
3. Jason Herrington, aka Melissa's stalker
4. Melissa, the stalkee
5. Kristin and Bradley....or at least one of you!

Ok, I think that should suffice for now.....
And some names might be added to the list in the near furture....

(I am posting b/c I am procrastinating. My mom will be here in about 5 hours and I still do not have a clean room!!! I have until my class at 2pm to get it clean. Here I go......)