Monday, August 21, 2006

Don't give up on us!!

Yesterday Austin and I celebrated our 3 month wedding anniversary!! Yippee! And with that we celebrated 3 months of life without internet! It actually has not been bad....except for the fact that I think we have been forgotten about in the blog world because of our lack of posting. The only time we are able to use the internet is on campus (or if I am at Meg's on Wednesday nights for "So you think you can dance.") I will say that it has been nice to be unplugged and not have the laptop permanently glued to my lap.
On another note, we have FINALLY moved in and decorated our living room!! This causes much excitement to well up deep within me because I now feel like we have a home. Maybe inspiration will hit and I will take some pics for your viewing pleasure.
This is it for now because they are kicking us out of the library.