Monday, April 25, 2005

I finally had a weekend that consisted of more than MLC and lounging on the couch. Friday night I spent nearly 4 hours at Chile's with 3 other friends talking and laughing. We were killing time until our movie that started at 10:15. Deanna and I watched "A lot like love." We thorougly enjoyed it and talked about it the whole way home that night.
On Saturday I met up with Tommy and Stephanie and we drove to Williamsburg, Va.
We ate lunch with her brother and then walked around the free part of colonial Williamsburg. We visited a super-old church that George Washinton, Thomas Jefferson, and many others attended. They had assigned seating back then so we got to see their pews. Not surprising that Washington had the front pew. There was even a fancy throne-type seat in the church that was saved for whichever British high-up that was in visiting. But now that seat is strictly reserved for the Govenor of Virginia only. Too bad I did not take my camera with me to Williamsburg!
Also while in Williamsburg we stopped by the William and Mary Barnes and Noble bookstore. Me, Tommy, and Stephanie all bought W&M hats. Tommy and I only slightly felt like traitors to LA Tech.
After the bookstore Steph took us on a mini-tour of W&M campus and showed us where she spent most of her college days....what a nerd, she spent most of her time in the chemistry lab (when she wasn't in the pool for swim team, of course). What a concept...studying in college....or studying at all!
When we got back to Richmond we hung out at Tommy and Steph's for a while before we went to the movies later that night to watch "Sahara." It was actually pretty good, a lot better than I was expecting.
It was a good weekend! I will miss the Knighten's when I leave Va (insert really sad face here).
Speaking of leaving Virginia...I do that in one month from today on May 25.........

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I had a friend email me asking me to write an update....the problem with writing an update is there is little to update on, unless you are interested in how many times a week I go to Wal-mart or what tv show currently has me hooked. Regardless of how uninteresting I am, here goes an update....

Another week down and less than six weeks until I leave Richmond. I am very eager to get to Texas!
So it is yet another Saturday with nothing to do. Or maybe it is another Saturday with no motivation to do anything.
I went to DC this week with Paige and Deanna. Deanna was flying out of Dulles for a trip home and so Paige and I "volunteered" to take her to the airport. But we did not so much mind taking her because we got to go shopping all day before dropping her off at the airport.
As I am typing this I am listening to Jimmy Buffett and James Taylor. The result--it makes me wish I were on the beach.
Well, that is all I can stand to type for now...this music is making me get cabin fever and I am gonna head outside for a while. Stay tuned........

Paige and I at Deanna's birthday party. Paige and I met in Zambia.