Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, seems as though I was tagged by Melissa and my sister, who is new to the blogging community, is demanding I put up some new info. So, here are seven things you may not know about me.

*I have been secretly wanting, wishing, and waiting for someone to tag me with this specific "tag". For a while now I have been trying to keep a mental list of fun facts about myself...and now I cannot think of a single one!!!

*I confess, I like The View. I would actually like very much to be a co-host. I do not see eye to eye with any single co-host, but the two I most identify with are Sherri and Elisabeth. My husband hates the show and considers it to be one of the levels of hell.

*In kindergarten I got checked out of school to stomp cotton. We lived in rural Lake Providence, La and my parents owned the John Deere store. Stomping cotton is fun! My sis and I crawled into the trailer that contained all the freshly harvested cotton and started jumping like we were on a trampoline. Thanks, mom and dad for the fun memories!

*I lived in Zambia for two years. Sometimes I feel guilty because I got back more from that experience than I gave.

*Plain white milk makes my gag reflex come out in full force!! I even eat my cereal with a fork to make sure I don't swallow a spoonful of milk. But chocolate milk is heaven sent!

*So far in my life, I consider college to be the most fun time in my life....Adult privileges with few adult responsibilities! Rook at 3am anyone??

*I want to be on Oprah's Big Give.

One to grow on......
*Naptime is by far the best perk of my job!

I tag Meredith & Justin, Brandi, Brooke, Michael and Meg, and Kim and Daniel