Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Guys Have All The Luck...

We are back (at least for now)....So on to the blog.

I wish stuff like this happened to me. Saturday night I babysat for my beloved Grant and Sarah. Anyway, as I was practically passed out on the couch, in walks their parents at 12:30 am. Apparently after their movie they went to catch a Wreckers concert at Billy Bob's. At first, "The Wreckers" did not ring a bell with me until they said it was the country girl group that has Michelle Branch in it. They proceed to tell how the concert was sold-out and was standing room only and that they were huddled in the back. They go on to say how a girl comes up and gives them her front row tickets. At that point right there I was pretty jealous and thinking that things like that never happen to me. Then, they blew my little mind and made the green-eyed monster rear it's ugly head. Apparently as they are just getting cozy in the front row, out walks KELLY CLARKSON onto the stage to sing along for a song. I am so jealous. If you don't like KC, then this story was probably a let down. But, if you'd like to see the performance, you can see it here in a pretty jumpy video with bad audio...but at least you get a glimpse.

On a side note that is related, when I was telling the bff about this, she said that Kelly frequents the Best Buy near her house. So, from now on, all of our Best Buy purchases will be made 20 minutes down the road in Mansfield!