Saturday, February 14, 2004


It is my goal to have a date for this oh-so-joyous day next year and not spend it all day babysitting. Does cupid know where to find me in Africa?

Monday, February 02, 2004

This past week I went to House of Moses orphanage and brought along several others. It was the first time in a long while that I had visited there. I have really missed many of those babies!

Mallory, Me, and Alan taking in the blues.

This weekend a group of us went to listen to a “blues tribute”. We were very excited about our outing and were looking forward to it since there is not a lot to do here pertaining to entertainment. As it turns out our musical evening did not meet our expectations (which should not have surprised us). To quote my friend and fellow journeyman, Mallory, “It was more of a blues disgrace than a blues tribute.” The general consensus was that the band members did an okay job but the singers were terrible. The bands were from all over…..there was even one from Scandinavia.

Let it be known that I now have a new ‘do. That is right ladies and gentlemen, Ashley has cut her hair. Before anyone gasps in disbelief, just know that it was time!!! My hair was down to the middle of my back and I think I cut off about 5 inches (give or take….I did not take out a ruler and measure). A man named Peter is responsible for the new style. I went with a friend to get her hair cut (by Peter) and he had some strong opinions regarding our hair. I was game for something fresh and new so I took the plunge and let him have his way with my hair. Not only did he cut it but he also put henna on my hair. The henna made my hair much more healthy and took out all the blonde I put on it several months ago. Now my hair looks very healthy and red again.

before and after

Here is my token Linus and Chikulu picture. And no, I did not pose them for the picture.