Sunday, November 30, 2003

Right now I am currently the happiest redheaded girl in Zambia! Why??? Well, as I sit here writing this I am enjoying the soothing hum coming from my new air conditioner! Yes, that is right, my landlord has seen fit to bestow upon me this blessing. This weekend he sent over his workers and for the last two days they have been working here in my house. As soon as they finished installing it I cranked that baby as high as it would go and nearly froze to death….it was great!
Actually, Joseph, our caretaker came into my house and could not believe how cold it was. He kept saying, “In here it is June (one of the coldest months on Zambia). Out there it is November (one of the hotter months).” He also mentioned several times that Zambians die in 16 degrees Celsius (which is what my air is set on). It is a good thing that the a/c came after Steph left because it would have been the source of many conflicts (she is very Zambian in the fact that she cannot stand to be cold).
So I am now seriously considering moving my bedroom into the living room. I don’t know if I can express to you how nice it was today to lie on the couch while watching a movie and being cuddled up in a blanket listening to the pouring rain outside. I hope for many more days like this to come!

Victoria Falls was great! It was nice to see my friend Amy and catch up with her. I am so thankful that the Father allowed us an opportunity to see one another and the chance to get away for a few days could not have come at a better time! I hope to put up more pictures of our trip soon (I have to look through Alan’s pictures). In this picture maybe you can tell how nasty hot it was by how red my face is (no, that is not a sunburn).

You can see the lovely Victoria Falls in the background. Half of it was dried up but if you look you can see a lot of mist coming from where the water is still flowing strong.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and was a great time of fellowship. I didn’t take any pictures of it so sorry about that. Carrie and Jill left today headed back to Kasama. So now it is just me and the kitties here at the house.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

They say it's your birthday........
I'd like to first start out my wishing my wonderful older sister a happy birthday today!! Happy Birthday, Brandi! I know you are gonna kill me for putting this picture here but it is the only one I have of you. Just remember what's really important is Proverbs 31:30. Thanks for being my big sissy and always being protectful (is that a word?) of me! LYLASDNQ (i know you have to be smiling now)!!!!!
love, your ashey books!

sorry the picture is so dark and blury. this was taken before i figured out how to work my flash.

Well, looks like I am gonna be out of town again for a few days. Fellow journeyman, Alan Parish, and I will be traveling down to Livingstone to meet up with a friend of ours that we met at orientation a year ago. Our friends name is Amy and what a great gal she is! Not only am I looking forward to leaving Lusaka for a few days but I am also looking forward to seeing a familiar face (and fellow red-head). Amy lives in Lesotho and works as the nurse at the Beautiful Gate Orphanage. For more information about Amy and her work in Lesotho you can check out or go to . Ok, quick geograpy lesson....Lesotho (Le-soo-too) is a tiny country completely surrounded by another country, South Africa.
I will arrive back in Lusaka sometime on the 26, just in time for Thanksgiving. When i come back the guesthouse will be overrun with people. For Thanksgiving all the folks in the mission (nearly 100 of us) will come to town to celebrate together. I am looking forward to it because I will have two roomates for a few days. The Kasama journeygirls will be staying at my house. So I look forward to talking with Carrie and Jill and catching up on their lives and ministry in Kasama. It will be great not to be the only girl around.

This picture was taken well over a year ago in Virginia. From left to right you have me, Kim (most people reading this might know her), Abby, and Amy.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Where do I even begin. A lot has happened in the past month and I don’t even know if I can remember it all. I think I could describe the last few weeks with one word…CHANGE. To start, since I last wrote Stephanie has finished her term and returned back home to Virginia. Steph, if you are reading this you can rest assured that the void you left has been felt….mainly by Linus and Chikulu. Just the other day one of them told me, “Ahh, where is Stephan? She has not been seen. And me, I have really been missing her.” (for anyone who is not Stephanie, that quote was supposed to be said in your best Zambian accent.)

Steph stopping to hug Chikulu one last time before we left for the airport. Our guard/gardener/fix-it-man, Joseph, standing proud.

When Steph left I decided to reorganize and change the living room. I was very pleased with the outcome and even the boys could not believe the difference. The boys even decided that we will now always hang out at my house (didn’t we do that already???). I think they were taken in by all of my candles and fresh flowers (their inner girl really appreciated it). Unfortunately my mood to clean and redecorate did not last long enough for me to make it to my bedroom, so it is still a wreck.

before the overhaul........(well, the furniture was originally not arranged like this. but i had already moved everything around before the brilliant thought of grabbing my camera dawned on me)

after the overhaul.

Before Stephanie left the mission had a braii (bbq) for her. Here is one of the last pictures of us taken together before she left….sniff, sniff.

And now for the blackmail…..
Me and Steph had made plans for us concerning her last few days in Zambia. One of those plans was to do facials and girlie things like painting toenails the night before she left. Well…….the boys wanted to see her too and spend time with her too that night. So I made a rule that the only way they could come over would be if they did the girlie things along with us. And as you can tell from the pictures, they did. There is no picture of Alan, but he participated too. He did his nails but drew the line there and refused to do face stuff.

Chris, who was the most enthusiastic of the bunch. Here he is sporting his pond's pore strip. He was so fascinated with the end results.

Mallory being camera shy for some reason. What is so embarrassng about clear pores?

This time last month I was in the western part of Zambia. I fully intend on telling all about it and including pictures. Unfortunately, while I was out there my camera decided to be temperamental and didn’t work. So I am in the process of getting pictures from the boys to show you. I really enjoyed my time out there. I was gone for three weeks and stayed with the Connard family briefly until I went further west to stay with the Davis family.
Also, since I last updated, two important days have passed, November 7 and November 18. The 7th marked my one year in-country anniversary (which is weird to think about) and the 18th was my birthday (which is even weirder). On my birthday many of the ladies in the mission took me out to tea. After tea Paige Thompson (a missionary kid here) and I went to the salon and spent a large portion of the day there. She got red streaks put in her hair (not red like my hair color, but red like red-red). I was not as bold as my companion though. I opted just to have my hair washed and set (blow dry). Later that evening the Dickard's had me over to their house for my birthday meal. It is Nancy Dickard’s tradition that when someone has a birthday she invites them over and prepares whatever meal and dessert they request. For lack of a creative thought I went for the good ole standby—Mexican food. For dessert we had banana splits, yummy! The thing about the banana splits is that most of the ingredients aren’t readily available here so most of it Nancy had to make from scratch (including the ice cream). Thanks a lot Mrs. Nancy for going to so much trouble for me! (and I am sure my mom thanks you too.) Also, thanks a lot to those of you who called or emailed me, I really appreciated it.

Post dinner at the Dickard's. Happy birthday to me!

tea time