Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Since my hoss of a paper is due in one week from now and I have yet to put the first word down on paper, I think it is the perfect time for an update! Life is not the funnest right now. School is about to get the best of me and I am lacking the motivation to work harder. At least one thing remains true, Austin is a great boyfriend. Last night we had a take-home test to finish in one hour and fifteen minutes. I will not go into detail about how I did, but I wil tell you that I spent nearly the next two hours sobbing. Austin knew I was pretty upset about it so he came to my house just to give me a hug!!! Awwww!!!! I will say that I felt much better when he left as opposed to how I felt before he got here. But I can do it, only about six more weeks of school left for this semester. And by the way, Louisiana Tech has a GREAT thing going on with the quarter system!!!!! Maybe I am just feeling overwhelmed since it is mid-term.
If anyone has any great theological insights on sin and suffering, let me know.

The oh-so-sweet boyfriend!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Procrastination....Who, me??!!?!

Well, I think now is the perfect time for me to update. I say that because I am looking for any excuse to keep myself from writing a 15 page paper on suffering for one of my classes (who cares that it is only 35% of my grade and the grader for the class is an ex-marine who is so strict and not overly-friendly that my friend named him the "mean marine.")
I had wonderful intentions to spend my whole day in the library...Unfortunately, my follow-through was not as wonderful. The good news is I got to spend some quality time with Austin this afternoon. We went to Starbucks and used up the rest of our gift cards we had received.
Last night I visited the Bufkins (Mer and Justin). We did not do anything really except talk and eat at Chick-fil-la. It was so nice to sit back and be with good friends.
Last weekend was an eventful one. Austin's parents came into town. Saturday night we all went to the last Ranger's game of the season. But the exciting part of the weekend happened that afternoon. I went to get in my car at about 4:30 that afternoon and noticed that things were not was obvious someone had been through my car. I took a quick survey of my car and everything was accounted for....except about 75 cents in change that was in the change holder. I made a quick decision not to file a police report since the windows were not broken and nothing was stolen. I was on my way to meet Austin and his parents for the baseball game and thought I would just deal with it at his house. I went to put my key in the ignition to start it and it would not go in. I looked at the key hole and saw that something had been done to it, preventing me from starting my car. So, now I call Austin and he comes over with his dad. I also call my parents and the police. His dad was able to fix the ignition problem by removing a piece of a metal file that was used to try to crank my car. Can you believe it?? Someone tried to steal Dave (the name of my car). Too bad for them that they did not know how tough he is and that he fights back!! Apparently when the file broke off, they cut their hand. When they realized they were not getting my car they decided to swipe my spare change. When they went to grab it they left their blood beside the change holder. When the policeman came, I showed him the blood and he called the CSI people!!!! Yes, I had CSI at my car. Actually, it was quite anti-climatic.
After the drama of the attempted Dave theft, Austin's mom and I made our way to the ballpark to meet up with the Perry men. After the ballgame there was a spectacular fireworks display to Beetles music. It was about 20 minutes long and I loved every minute of it! It really made me want to go see the Christmas lights in Natchitoches this year.
Well, I have succeeded in putting off my paper for the last 30 minutes. I suppose now I can resume with my studies.......