Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's your turn!

Both wife and husband perry have voted. Have you? will you??
you should!

*I am wife perry and i approve this message!

Friday, October 24, 2008


i hate mayo. and so does the husband. i hate it so much that it is not worth the effort to type out it's full and proper name. I know that i am not alone in this...but i am also aware of the mayo lovers. i am the minority in my family. although, from my understanding, even within mayo-loving circles there are taste preferences. my mom uses hellman's and my dad is a miracle whip kinda guy. i choose to abstain. that is right, i am mayo celibate.
it really ticks me off when i order a sandwich or burger when dining out, only to find that they RUINED my food by violating it with that disgustingness known as mayo. it has become second nature for me to say "with NO mayo" when ordering such items.
the problem with hating mayo is that i really like many foods that involve mayo as an ingredient...one in particular is chicken salad. In an attempt to enjoy usually mayo-laden foods, i have started substituting the mayo for more perry-friendly ingredients. Last night for supper i made a mayo-free chicken salad for sandwiches that would accompany our homemade veggie soup. I thought it was very delicious and would like to share it with you. Feel free to modify to your personal preference, because after all, that is one of the many joys of cooking!
Chicken salad (clever name to come later)
mine made enough for 4 good size sandwiches
*chicken...i used all but the breast meat of a rotisserie chicken from walmart. roasted chicken without the work of cooking it! i personally do not like canned chicken, but it would work fine here.
*celery...i finely chopped one stalk
*onion, finely chopped...to your personal taste
*grapes...i quartered about 12-15 green grapes
*walnuts...these are very good for you and add good crunch! i used a handful.
*dried cranberries...i chopped a handful
*1 ounce of cream cheese...i used weight watchers pre-portioned 1 oz cups that come 8 to a box. only 1 pt per cup for anyone counting!
*4 ounces of fat free plain yogurt, or half a small container.
*a couple of large spoonfuls of sour cream, i used light.
*a few squirts of yellow mustard
*a couple shots of tabasco...i used the smoked chipotle flavor
*tony chachere's (creole seasoning for anyone not in the know!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

not much has been happening with the perry's lately and i do not have anything to get on a soapbox about either. since i last posted, we have gained the sanks as neighbors, welcomed the newest perry into the world (austin's brother and sis-in-law had a girl!), and had a temporary house guest for two months (austin's sis, amanda).

we are getting ready for a mini-vacation in november to mexico. it is a mini-vacay because we are going for austin's work. there is a conference there that he must attend and i am tagging along. it is in merida, so it is not on the beach. hopefully i will be bold enough to go out and explore on my own. the last "vacation" we had was our honeymoon two and a half years ago.

i am also thinking about giving up the blog. in the beginning...5.5 yrs ago!...i had many interesting things to blog about, but not so much aymore. we'll see........