Saturday, July 01, 2006

From the bottom of our hearts....

Here we are waiting to board the plane at DFW. Newlyweds for about 44 hours...

Apologies first...
To any and all that check this blog, let me first say that I am sorry I left you high and dry for all this time. Life got exceptionally busy and is only now starting to calm down. Also, since Austin and I are poor, broke seminary students living on love, we do not yet have the internet at our apartment. Actually, the biggest reason we do not have the internet yet is because we have not gotten around to it yet. This post is coming to you from the Comfort Inn in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We are here for Nathan and Stacy's wedding (Austin's younger brother). God Bless free wireless internet!

I am sure many of you have seen pictures of our wedding on other blogs. But if not, or if you want to see more, go to . From there, scroll down the list and look for "howard/perry wedding" and the password is "howard". Now, you can have countless hours of viewing pleasure.

The wedding went great and it was truly a wonderful day! We went to Ireland for the honeymoon and can we say AMAZING!
Since returning back to Ft. Worth, we have been keeping busy with work. Since getting married, the most exciting thing going on with us is the wedding we will be attending tonight.
I will say, however, that I have some amazing friends and family. If it would not have been for their help, I do not know what I would have done. There are too many people to thank. Everyone truly went above and beyond and I am grateful! Also, if you go over to the Bufkin's blog, you will have the chance to see a cinematic treat! My BFF-in-law, Justin, put together a video montage for Austin and I as a wedding gift. When that guy says he is going to do something, he does it and does it RIGHT!!! Let's just say that our mother's have watched it like everyday since the wedding and cry everytime! Also, Meg Sanks is a jewel and wedding coordinator extraordinaire! She worked her tail off for me!! And believe me, Meg, it did not go unnoticed! It was also nice to have my own personal assistant. Deanna came in for the wedding and was there for my every beck and call. I swear it was like that girl could read my mind and did things for me before I even had a chance to ask. And, obviously without my parents, and all my mother's creative ideas, I do not know what I would have done. I could go on and on about how each person contributed to make May 20 special for me, but this is not an acceptance speech for my Academy Award, so I will end here.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. (Now, I hope this post will satisfy all those who have been saying nasty things about us for not posting.That includes you, Marisa!)

I will save honeymoon stories and pictures for another post.

Stacy, Nathan, Austin (before he got his hair chopped), and Ashley at Amanda's graduation in May.