Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This was taken on Thanksgiving at his aunt's ranch in Clifton, Texas. After lunch we decided to go for a little ride and explore his aunt and uncle's land. This picture was taken by his sis. It was nice spending Thanksgiving with Austin's family. There is only one part of the trip that I would like to forget about but I just can't. I wanted to punch Austin in the face Thursday night concerning a poor judgment he made. Let's just say that the game of RISK was involved and anyone who has ever played with me knows that I do not take that game seriously at all! Ok, I am over it now....nope, not bitter one bit! Although, I cannot argue with his logic for his decision, but stil..


Amanda, Austin's sister, and I decided to take a picture break during our day-after-Thanksgiving shopping spree. Unfortunately, neither one of us made any purchases.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Favorite Things in '05

Well, I decided that if Oprah can do it, then so can I. Every year she compiles a list of her favorite things and shares it with her viewing audience. Ususally she will give away her favorite things to her studio audience, however, I am not quite as capable as Oprah to provide my favorite things to my reading audience. I am sure that as the days go by I will think of additions to this list, but here is my list so far (as compiled during my 8:00 class this morning)....and feel free to add something that you think I might have left off or feel free to list some of your favorite things in the comments section. So, without further ado, I present to you

  • Courrier New 12 pt. font.......seriously, try it in a word document and see how much longer it makes your papers! Students, it will revolutionize the way you do your research papers!
  • Entire Seasons of a television show on dvd.....Is there a better way to spend a lazy day on the couch?
  • Fondue....I owe this favorite thing to Deanna, Miss Paris herself! Cheese, chocolate, you name it. I do not discriminate when it comes to fondue.
  • Icee's...and more specifically "polar bear icee's" according to Jason. What is the deal with Texas and their boycott on polar bear icee's. I mean even if you do find one you have to pay $2.50 for it!!!
  • Side-swept bangs...This hairstyle has been a God-send to girls like me who have eternal baby hairs and wispies around their face that sometimes curl up and look like wings. Thank you side-swept bangs for providing camoflauge!
  • DOTS Fashions (clothing store)....This is a recent find. I discovered DOTS last week as I was making a Wal-Mart run. Think cheap prices like at It's Fashion in Ruston but super-cute clothes! Looks like I will get detoured frequently seeing how both stores practically share a parking lot.
  • Goose Down Comforters....I can't think of much else that is cozier on a cold morning than snuggling up in a big, fluffy down comforter.
  • Blogspot...This service was once one of my major forms of communication when I was in Zambia. If you are reading this now, then most likely you yourself are a fan of blogspot or some other website host.
  • Ginger Essence Perfume by Origins....My sister wore this once a few years back and I always liked it. So, a couple of months ago I bought some of this aromatic goodness. It is a perfect scent for fall and winter in my opinion.
  • White Tea and Ginger Body Lotion by Bath and Body Works....This is the perfect accompaniment to the aforementioned Ginger Essence.
  • Sweatshirts With a Kangaroo Pouch....To me, comfort is a well-worn sweatshirt and the crowning jewel of a sweatshirt is not a hood, but rather a place to put your hands. I think the kangaroo pouch should be a standard feature in sweatshirts. Even if you do not want to put your hands in it, it is great for keys and cell phones.
  • AUSTIN!!!!!....I think everyone should have one, but, sorry, I do not share.
  • My Grandma's Pecan Pie....I could share the recipe, but then I would have to kill you. I am under strict orders to be extremely picky in giving out the "secret recipe." Also, in recent months, this recipe has become even more dear to me.
  • Rachel Ray on the Food Network....I love her cooking show "30-minute Meals"!!! I was randomly flipping through the channels one day and decided to stop on the Food Network for the first time ever and her show was on. I do not know why I like her so much but I do!!
  • RISK!!....This game brings out the ultra-competitive and manipulative Ashley.....what a great game!!!
  • For Every Body Candles....These candles can really fill a room! I am a believer in this brand (and they can be bought from Kohl's or at
  • Arbonne Swiss Skin Care and Cosmetics...Yes, I too, use Arbonne (for any female who knows what Arbonne is). My sister is a consultant for it and she "baptized" me into it this summer. I really like their make-up and it makes me feel grown up to use it.
  • Cotton Candy....What is not to like about pink or blue spun sugar that melts on your tounge???
  • Six Flags Season Pass....Austin and I took advantage of ours this weekend. How great to be able to spend 2 hours at the park, ride two rides (three is you count the carousel), eat some cotton candy, walk around holding hands, and decide it is time to leave! The best $40 I spent this summer.

For now, this is my official Favorite Things '05 list.

Again, feel free to leave some comments.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

They say it's your birthday.....

Well, life for me has been a bit emotionally draining these past few weeks. I am curently behind in school and will be playing catch-up over Thanksgiving it will not be much of a vacation for me.
But in other EXCITING news....we here in Ft. Worth are gearing up to celebrate that wonderful INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY on NOVEMBER 18. My 26th birthday. To kick off the festivities, Meredith and Justin and Austin and I are going out to eat at Simply Fondue. I discovered the joy and goodness of fondue when I lived in Virginia with Deanna. Miss Paris herself introduced it to me and I have been in love ever since. I am looking forward to celebrating with three of my favorite folks on Thursday. Then, on Friday (the actual birthday), Austin is taking me to a place that is every 26 year old girl's dream (per my wishes)....the circus! I don't know why, but I have always gotten excited about the circus. Could it be the lions, the clowns, the cotton candy, or how about the flying trapeze family?!?! And to cap off my birthday weekend, on Saturday we will be hanging out at the house, eating lunch and playing games....we being Kim, Kim's beau, Meg, Michael, Austin, Jason, and maybe a few others. I am hoping to get a good game of Risk going. I have not played Risk since I left Zambia, so I hope my mad skills as a world dominator are not lost!! I might need to call my pals Mal and Chris for a little pep talk before the game begins. Ok, I must now go so I can get back to pretending to work on a paper.
Love to you all........

Friday, November 11, 2005


I think everyone would benefit by going to