Saturday, August 16, 2003

Me and Stephanie at the Victoria Falls Hotel.

Our meeting in Zimbabwe was a lot of fun! Even though I had to sit in an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time during slightly unexciting meetings it was great to be there. Many issues were addressed and many good times were had by all. During one night we had a “hee-haw” night. In the beginning I was not very enthusiastic about this event. Which was a little odd because in the states I loved theme nights were you get to dress up, I’d go all out for them. But I did enjoy myself nonetheless. For hee-haw night some had asked the journeymen to prepare two songs to sing for the group. So we put our heads together and came up with a rewrite of a Bare Naked Ladies song. The original song was “If I had a million dollars.” We changed it to “If I had a million Kwacha.” (Kwacha is the currency in Zambia, for anyone who cares, the exchange rate is 5,000 kwacha to 1 US dollar) The song seemed to be a big hit. Tommy played it on his guitar and we all sang, I must say it was a lot of fun.

the view from the patio where we had tea at the Vic Falls hotel

One afternoon during our meeting, all of the ladies went for high tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel. I cannot even begin to describe to you how amazing this place was. I took pictures but they do not do justice. The hotel itself is very old, although I cannot recall how old (sorry). It sits on top of a cliff directly above the Zambezi river, and in the background you can see the bridge that crosses the river and joins Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also you can see the mist of the Victoria Falls rising up in the air. The whole atmosphere of the hotel had me imagining being in Africa in the early 1900’s, it had a great historical feel to it.

The ladies having tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel.

Dancers at the Boma.

Also while in Zimbabwe I went to supper with some friends in the mission, the Lewis family and fellow journeymen, Carrie and Jill. We ate at a place called the Boma. The Boma is a place where you can sample all kinds of different game meat and also get to see some traditional african dancing. The meats I tried were kudu, ostrich, beef sirloin (not exactly game meat), and my favorite of all…warthog, mmmmmm! I think that most everyone would enjoy warthog as well. They may be ugly little critters, but they sure are tasty

my plate at The Boma. beef sirloin, ostrich kabob, warthog, and kudu stew!!! yea, for carnivores!

warthogs wandering around downtown in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

One day during the meeting the journeymen lucked out and got to skip a portion of the meeting! We got to take the kids (and teenagers) to an elephant farm. While we were there we got to pet and feed many elephants, including a baby elephant that is just 5 or 6 months old.

me and Peyton Davis petting the baby elephant.

Tyler and Grace petting one of the many older elephants

Hannah Rodger's and Peyton taking a break from the elephants.

Chris, Carrie, Stephanie, and Paige on the Zambia/Zimbabwe bridge waiting for our friends to buji jump.

On Sunday morning before our worship service we were privileged to witness the baptism of Nathan Dickard. Nathan was baptized by his father, Stan.

Me, Steph, and Jill

all the journeymen in Zambia (can you tell the sun is really bright and in our eyes). L-R bottom: me, tommy, stephanie, carrie, jill. L-R standing: alan, david, mallory, chris

while shopping downtown in Victoria Falls, i stumbled upon these very alive crocodiles.

mallory, tommy, and kevin rodgers getting ready to bunji jump from the vic falls bridge....111 meters (333 feet), second highest bunji in the world (or so i was told). you jump off the bridge and dangle above the zambezi river, seemed kinda scary looking down from the bridge!