Friday, November 13, 2009


Charlotte Joy Perry

born October 14
7lbs 14 oz
20 inches long
perfect in every way!

A month ago our world turned upside down, but in a good way. We welcomed our beautiful baby girl into our family. It is already hard to remember what life was like without her. Although, I do have foggy memories of a life with more sleep and rest. Here are a few snapshots of baby Lottie throughout the past month.
(by the way, i started writing this update friday. it has taken me until today to finish it!)


Mallory and Amy said...

Congrats, guys! welcome to parenthood! She is beautiful.

Did you name her after Lottie Moon? Just kidding. ;)

BTW, Ash I am working on my lactation consultan license. If you are breastfeeding and need any help, let me know and we can chat via phone or email.

Mallory and Amy said...


Brooke said...

She is just TOO cute! I LOVE her middle name, btw. It goes perfectly with Charlotte and I'm sure it's fitting too. =) Congrats again!

Austin said...

Actually, yes we did name her after Lottie Moon.

Mallory and Amy said...

Ash- I agree that she was an awesome woman of faith. What a legacy to have your daughter follow.

Feel free to email me anytime about breastfeeding. i would love to help in any way i can. Hope your transition to parenthood is going smoothly!

Shandra said...

hey ashley!! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! charlotte is precious!! i'm sure her aunt brandi isn't spoiling her! :) and i'm so jealous you are getting 11 hrs of sleep. i'm only getting 8 but i can't wait for more!!!

Brooke said...

We need some new pics of that sweet baby!!! =)